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art book - free your inner artist



To view some of Penny's paintings and to find out where she is exhibiting her work, please visit 





FREE YOUR INNER ARTIST, by Dr Penny Stanway, offers encouragement to:

  • Be creative

  • Discover your style

  • Find which materials and methods suit you best.

  • Free your creative energy - or ‘inner artist’. 


Every artist has some combination of creative energy and technical ability. The trick is to develop the best mix.


If your creative energy is dormant or shut away, its vigour dampened or extinguished, you may not paint at all, or your work may lack sparkle and shine.


Freeing your inner artist's 'fire' can:

  • Provide strength and confidence to express your unique way of seeing and understanding the world

  • Suffuse your paintings with your imagination, symbols and style.

  • Enrich your paintings with your emotions, desires, dreams, intuition, yearning and awe at the mystery of life.

  • Encourage happiness – even bliss.

  • Make you feel more connected with your environment and those around you.

  • Help you relax, remember, interpret dreams, and manage adversity.

  • Give you the thrill of making your own truly personal mark.

  • Offer input from your body, soul and psyche, rather than just the rational, thinking side of your brain.

  • Let you express your awareness of truth and beauty.

  • Illuminate your spiritual journey as you walk along the ‘road less travelled’ in search of the meaning of life.

  • Influence how others perceive, understand and even act in the world.



  • How to involve your inner artist in the practicalities of painting.

  • How and what to paint.

  • The process of painting.

  • Caring for your creations.

  • Keeping an art log.


MESSAGE FROM PENNY  When writing this book I drew on wisdom passed down the ages in the fields of philosophy, psychology, spirituality and art, as well as my experiences of learning, teaching, healing and painting. I hope it gives readers ideas and joy.

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