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free your inner artist

When writing this book, I drew on wisdom passed down through the ages in the fields of philosophy, psychology, spirituality and art, as well as my own experiences of learning, teaching, healing and painting. I hope it gives ideas, encouragement and joy.

FREE YOUR INNER ARTIST, by Penny Stanway, encourages you to:

  • Make time to be creative

  • Discover your style

  • Find which materials and methods suit you best.

  • Free your creative energy - or ‘inner artist’. 


If your creative energy is locked away, you may not paint at all, or your work may lack sparkle and shine.


Freeing your inner artist's 'fire' can:

  • Provide strength and confidence to express your unique way of seeing and understanding the world

  • Suffuse your paintings with your imagination, symbols and style.

  • Enrich your paintings with your emotions, desires, dreams, intuition, yearning and awe at the mystery of life.

  • Make you happier

  • Make you feel more connected with your environment and those around you.

  • Help you relax, bring up memories, use your dreams and manage adversity.

  • Give you the thrill of making your mark.

  • Channel input from your body, soul and psyche, rather than only the rational, thinking side of your brain.

  • Let you express truth and beauty.

  • Illuminate your journey as you walk the ‘road less travelled’ in search of the meaning of life.

  • Influence how others 'see', understand and act in the world.


  • How to involve your inner artist in the practicalities of painting.

  • How and what to paint.

  • The process of painting.

  • Caring for your creations.

  • Keeping an art log.


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