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about penny stanway

Penny  writes, cooks and paints in a houseboat on the River Thames in central London, and in her home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Bantry Bay in West Cork, Ireland. She and her husband have a son; a daughter, Susannah, who has three children and is an oncologist; and another daughter, Amy, who is:

Penny trained as a doctor, worked in general practice, research and child health, then focused on writing about health, babycare, breastfeeding and food. She aims to amalgamate the best of orthodox, complementary and traditional healthcare information in her work.

Penny loves to cook for her family and friends. She also loves to eat. She learnt to cook from her mother (an inventive cook and a professional one in that she cooked for the residents of her nursing home) and from Cordon Bleu classes. Penny likes nothing better than to create new recipes in the kitchen.

Many readers refer to Penny Stanway's first book, BREAST IS BEST, as 'the breastfeeding bible'. Indeed, the latest edition of this book in the US is called THE BREASTFEEDING BIBLE.


BREAST IS BEST is written with passion, fuelled by the desire to share information, and with great attention both to mothers' wisdom and to the latest research results. It has been in print for 36 years and is kept updated. Dr Stanway is on the Professional Advisory Board of the influential breastfeeding information and support organization La Leche League International.


She was the health columnist for the UK's WOMAN'S WEEKLY magazine for 15 years.  Penny is also an experienced counsellor.

Health, medicine, babycare, food and cooking have been lifelong sources of delight to Dr Penny Stanway. 

Penny also loves to paint (for examples of her early work, see


ffor examples of her recent work, see .


Penny has been a writer since her teens:

  • She had poetry published while still at school.

  • She wrote for her Medical School journal.

  • She began writing on health and babycare in consumer magazines in her 20s, while working as a young doctor, and since then has written many books on health- and babycare-related topics. 

  • She has written several cookbooks and has incorporated a chapter of original recipes into each title in her MIRACLE book series.

  • She has also written about art and creativity.

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