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other health books

LIFELIGHT details the vitally important ways in which light from the sun affects our health, as well as the specific benefits of bright light and ultra-violet light on our mind and body.


THE FEEL-GOOD FACELIFT suggests natural ways of looking after your face and preventing premature ageing of its skin.

NATURAL WELL WOMAN and THE NATURAL GUIDE TO WOMEN'S HEALTH offer clear information about the causes of women's health problems, how to prevent them, and how to use both self-help and medical treatments to aid healing.

CURING EVERYDAY AILMENTS THE NATURAL WAY - as Chief Medical Editor of this Reader's Digest book, Penny Stanway helped to ensure that it offers clear and reliable guidance.


HEALING FOODS FOR COMMON AILMENTS shows how to use foods to help prevent and treat both minor illnesses and serious longterm health conditions.


Also, The MIRACLE series - 8 titles, on: cider vinegar (US - apple cider vinegar), lemons, olive oil, bicarbonate of soda (US - baking soda), garlic, honey, spices and teas - each contain chapters of research-based information on how the particular food benefits health.

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