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other babycare books


These include:

BREAST IS BEST (US - THE BREASTFEEDING BIBLE) is regularly updated in the light of recent research and is now in its 6th edition. It aims to help women breastfeed successfully and learn how to solve common challenges such as needing to increase their milk supply. Almost every woman can breastfeed but many give up before they had wanted to stop. This is usually because they lack good information and knowledgeable support.


GREEN BABIES details how to care for your baby in an environmentally friendly way.


FIRST BABY AFTER 30 ... OR 40? and COPING WITH YOUR PREMATURE BABY offer practical and emotional guidance to women who are pregnant, or trying, or have a low-weight baby.

NEW GUIDE TO PREGNANCY AND BABYCARE (US - MOTHERCARE NEW GUIDE TO PREGNANCY AND CHILD CARE) is a user-friendly and jargon-free guide for expectant and new parents on how to look after their unborn baby, their new arrival ... and themselves.


FEEDING YOUR BABY, written with Sara Lewis, gives clear advice on how to ease your baby through the first year of breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, how and when to introduce foods and drinks other than milk, and what to give.


THE LUNCHBOX BOOK and GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS both carry on the common-sense approach to giving children nutritious foods in balanced and attractive meals and snacks.

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